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Small Living Room With Computer Desk

Small Living Room With Computer Desk

Do you live in a small home or apartment? If so, you’re not alone. Many people downsize into smaller homes as they get older or their children move out.  But just because your living space is small doesn’t mean you have to forfeit style or comfort. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make a small living room look and feel bigger than it is. One way to do this is by adding a computer desk.

A computer desk can help give the illusion of more space in a small living room. It does this by providing a place for your computer and all its accessories without taking up too much floor space. Plus, it gives you a dedicated work area if you need to work from home or want to use your living room as an office.

If you don’t have room for a full-sized desk, try looking for a compact desk that fits in the corner of your living room or against one wall. If you have a small living room, you may not have enough space for a dedicated computer desk. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a functional and stylish setup!

Here are some tips for creating a small living room with a computer desk:

1. Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, opt for a coffee table with built-in storage or an ottoman that doubles as a seating option and workspace. 2. Get creative with your layout.  Try floating your desk in the middle of the room or placing it in an unused corner.

3. Make sure your desk is properly sized for the space. A too-large desk will make your living room feel cramped; too small and it won’t be functional as a workspace.

4. Use shelving to create extra storage space for books, files, or anything else you need to keep close at hand while working at your desk.

Stylish Computer Desk for Living Room

As the technological hub of most homes, it’s important that your computer desk makes a stylish statement in your living room. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or something more traditional, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some of our favorites:

If you’re going for a modern look, we love this clean-lined desk from Room & Board. The sleek white finish will brighten up any space, and the simple design ensures that your desk won’t overwhelm your living room. Plus, the lack of drawers means that you won’t have to worry about clutter accumulating on top of your work surface.

If you prefer a more traditional style, this computer desk from Pottery Barn is a great option. The rich wood finish and classic silhouette give it an elegant look, while the multiple drawers provide ample storage space for all of your office supplies. And since it’s designed to sit against a wall, it won’t take up too much precious floor space in your living room.

No matter what style you’re going for, there’s sure to be a computer desk out there that’s perfect for your needs. So start shopping around and find the one that best suits your home!

Living Room Computer Desk

Credit: www.spacejoy.com

How Do You Layout a Small Living Room With a Desk?

If you’re working with a small living room, there are a few different ways you can layout the space with a desk. One option is to float the desk against a wall, which will help anchor the space and make it feel more expansive. You can also tuck the desk into an empty corner to make use of otherwise dead space.

If you have an alcove or nook that’s not being used for anything else, this is a great spot for a desk. Another way to layout a small living room with a desk is to create an office area near the window. This way you’ll get plenty of natural light for your work surface.

Finally, if your living room has enough floor space, you can try placing the desk in the center of the room. This configuration works well if you don’t have any other furniture pieces that need to go in the room or if you want to create symmetry.

Can You Have a Desk in the Living Room?

If you’re tight on space in your home, you might be wondering if you can put a desk in your living room. The answer is yes! There are plenty of ways to incorporate a desk into your living room without making it feel out of place.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Choose a small, simple desk. A sleek and minimalist design will help the desk blend into your living room’s existing decor.

2. Place the desk against a wall or in a corner. This way, it won’t take up too much precious floor space.

Where Should a Desk Be Placed in a Small Home Office?

When it comes to home offices, there are a few things to consider when choosing desk placement. For starters, you’ll want to consider what type of work you’ll be doing in your home office. If you’re mostly working on a computer, you’ll want to make sure your desk is placed in an area with good lighting and enough space for all of your equipment.

If you’re using your home office for paperwork or other tasks that require a lot of writing, you may want to place your desk near a window so you can take advantage of natural light. Another thing to keep in mind is traffic flow. You don’t want your desk placement to cause bottlenecks in your home office or make it difficult to move around the room.

Consider how often you’ll need to access files or other materials stored away from your desk – if you find yourself reaching for these things frequently, it may be worth placing your desk closer to them. Finally, think about ergonomics when deciding on Desk placement. You should be able to sit at your desk comfortably with plenty of legroom and reach all areas of your work surface easily.

If possible, adjust the height of your Desk so that it’s at a comfortable level for typing and writing; this will help reduce strain on your neck and back over time.

Living Room Computer Desk

Credit: www.apartmenttherapy.com

How Can I Hide a Desk in My Living Room?

Your home is your sanctuary; a place where you can relax, unwind and feel comfortable. But what if your living room also doubles as your office? Then it might not feel so relaxing.

If you need to hide a desk in your living room, there are a few creative ways to do it. One option is to use a screen or divider to create a separate space for your desk. This way, when you’re not working, you can simply push the screen or divider out of the way and enjoy your living room without any visual reminders of work.

Another possibility is to use furniture to disguise your desk. For example, you could put a console table behind your sofa and use it as a makeshift desk. Or, if you have an unused fireplace, you could turn that into an impromptu office space by placing a small desk in front of it.

Just be sure that whatever furniture you use for this purpose is sturdy enough to support a laptop and other office supplies. If neither of those options works for you, another solution is to simply cover up your desk when you’re not using it. A large piece of art or an area rug placed over the top of the desk will help it blend in with the rest of the room and make it less conspicuous.

Whatever approach you take, hiding a desk in your living room doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a little creativity, even the smallest spaces can be transformed into functional offices.


If you’re working with a small living room Desk, you might be wondering how to add a computer desk into the mix. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do it!

Here are a few ideas:

1. Add a corner desk: A corner desk is a great way to save space in your living room while still getting the functionality of a computer desk.

2. Get a compact desk: There are plenty of compact desks on the market that would work perfectly in a small living room. Just make sure to measure your space before you buy!

3. Use an existing piece of furniture: If you have an unused end table or coffee table, you can easily turn it into a makeshift computer desk. Just add a laptop tray or some other type of surface and voila!

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