Welcome to Daily My Home! Since you found us, you’re as interested as people like us who appreciate the value of a home that is clutter-free and decorated with handpicked items.

We’re a bunch of family people, neighbors to each other, running regular households with just a passion – arranging and beautifying our homes as best as we can.

We believe decorating a house is not about spending top dollars to get all the shiny and trendy products. It’s the single mission that connects all of us together.

One of our old friends Jim brought the idea of starting Daily My Home before which some of us would call him a ‘nuthead’. But his ingenuity and energy piqued our interest, and here we are.

We don’t buy things everyday. We don’t take up a DIY project every Sunday. But still we have our stories to tell as we take inspiration from our next doors where Nat may be busy fixing his apartment door or Deborah just might have returned from her garage where the roof was leaking. Even when you’re reading this page, busy Sam may be preparing for his daily walk through the garden.

We’re not experts. We’re not home improvement specialists, either. The best we could be are your buddies who keep facing the same issues as you do at home and having similar home renovation plans for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the home this year or the next.

Anytime you land on this little blog, you might discover new stories and experiences. Remember, we don’t solve anyone’s problem. We just tell you what we do and how we do when we want to give our homes a new look, or get a new appliance, or need to get rid of a problem.

All the tips, recommendations, and insights you’ll find here are based on what we learned from our effort to make our homes more livable and beautiful. We write for our community, but you’re always welcome to share your story with us. And for this, you don’t have to have a special background or education. Just your genuine passion for the home and to help others is all that matters.

We hope you’ll find this blog and all the information that we share useful. Knowing that our words have helped you choose a home appliance, upgrade your kitchen, or fix a problem in the bathroom will encourage us to go ahead and share more. Take care and stay safe.